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Start, or Why I’m Doing This When I Said I Never Would

a mommy and daughter

I tell my 4-year-old daughter all the time to never say never. Like the time she said “I never want to see my little sister ever again!” or when I said I would never have a blog, whatever.

I follow bloggers—mostly fashion, some mommy, some design, some business—and inevitably I compare my story to theirs and our family/house/financial situation to theirs, and I don’t want to share my stuff. This is why I say I will never start a blog. Never say never, Kelly. 

Humbly, prayerfully, I’m starting.

I’ll tell you why and why now in the coming days, but the short version is this: My heart was made new when I found Jesus, turned to mush when I met my husband, shattered when I lost my dad, and changed forever when I became a mother. Twice. To girls. I hoped I could coast for a while, at least until the toddler years were over. Then, on the same day in 2014, I was introduced to an organization (International Justice Mission) and a company (Noonday Collection) that wrecked me and my heart in the best way.

Now I know too much. About issues surrounding human trafficking and modern-day slavery and about everyday advocacy through ethical and Fair Trade fashion. But I also don’t know enough, and I haven’t done enough. This blog will record my attempt to start from where I am to change that. Because of and for my two daughters. Because we are all made free—created in God’s image and likeness to live out our purpose—but so many are not free. Because this is what I get for saying never.

Let not your heart be troubled: I plan to keep this as lighthearted as possible and to mix in our real life and humor. We live with a preschooler, a 2-year-old, and two cats. Funny things happen.