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Imagine Spotlight: Dressember

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The Story: It’s Bigger Than a Dress

Dressember is a collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to promote the inherent dignity of all people. Since 2013, Dressember has grown into an international movement to save lives.
In just the past four years, thousands of women have raised more than $3 million to end human trafficking—I participated for the first time two years ago and since then I’ve raised nearly $2,500!—just by wearing dresses.

Started by Blythe Hill in 2009, Dressember began as a quirky style challenge with a clever name that spread like wildfire. In 2013, it took on new meaning, opposing the worldwide trafficking and exploitation of women by aligning with International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that works to rescue victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression. In 2015, Dressember added a second grant partner: A21, which exists to abolish modern-day slavery in the 21st century.

When you participate in Dressember, you become an advocate for freedom and dignity as well as a voice for the millions of voiceless women, children, and men around the world who are enslaved. How?

Become an Advocate

Commit to wearing a dress (or tie if you’re a guy!) every day in December and telling people about it. Link arms with fellow advocates to raise money and awareness for the fight against global human trafficking.

Join our team: Dressember Pittsburgh. Our goal is to raise $6,300—the cost of one rescue mission. Simply visit bit.ly/dressember2017, click on Join Team, set up your personal fundraising page, then join Dressember Pittsburgh!


Not into wearing dresses (seriously you don’t need to own a lot of them—I’m planning to rotate two to three of them all month with different accessories)? Make a donation.

Give to my campaign! My goal this year is $3,000. And don’t forget to follow along on social media during the month of December.

Want to learn more about Dressember? Come to Imagine Conference this Friday and Saturday!

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